I never report my music income. I’m a guitarist, not a tax guy. I don’t give a shit about taxes. I play music eight hours a day, and in between I wait for the phone to ring for gigs. I have no life except music, and I’m proud of it!

I owe some people money. Big deal. That’s standard in the music biz. My go-to line is “Can you lend me five dollars to get home from the gig? What’s five bucks?” (I often get paid by check for gigging.)

One musician yelled at me, “Five bucks is pathetic! At least ask for twenty!” He gave me a twenty. Nice.

I occasionally hock my instruments and show up at gigs with student-level gear. This, too, annoys other musicians. Charlie Parker hocked his horn; I’m in good company. A bandleader once told me, “Tools, man, where are your tools?” I have tools – cheesy student tools, which I play better than you! I asked a priest for gas money at a wedding. He gave it to me.

I have bad habits. I’m flawed. What about you? Are you perfect?